Autumn / Winter Swim Programme

After a well-deserved few easy sessions, the Club is about to launch its Autumn / Winter Swim Programme. Over the next few months, the Monday & Wednesday sessions will be integrated.

Starting next week, the first thing we’re going to do is benchmark everyone’s current levels.

The benchmark test consists of a 400m time-trial followed by a 200m time-trial. The times from these allow the calculation of your CSS (Critical Swim Speed) and should be the pace you would complete 1500m in a race / hard effort. This figure is key for triathletes, and gives everyone an individual understanding of what pace you should be swimming at when you complete a set of efforts.

Once we’ve got this, we’re going to work together on various drills to :

  • improve your body position
  • develop strength & power with your propulsion
  • optimise your stroke rate
  • develop pacing skills

Once we get into the new year, focus will switch to developing race pace endurance – ready for a successful 2014 season.

The Club Coaches have identified some key equipment that will help you with these skills and has been negotiating on your behalf to secure the best deal. We’ve working with swimsmooth and the club is going to buy a set of Agility paddles as club kit.

We urge all the Monday & Wednesday swimmers to invest in their progress by buying an athlete’s individual kit consisting of fins & wetronome in a mesh bag. These will cost ¬£45, assuming a minimum of 20 orders. Let me know details for order (fin sizes, quantities) – info [at] alnwicktriathlon [dot] co [dot] uk ¬†Sessions can be done without the kit, but will elicit far better results if you have it.

If anyone needs additional kit from swimsmooth (or already has fins but no wetronome or vice versa), ping me an email – if it goes in the bulk order, it’ll be 10% off list price and the club will subsidise the postage cost.

If you have any questions, please speak to one of the coaches. I’ll be placing the bulk order at the end of this week, so Friday 18 October is the deadline.


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