Learn to Swim Lane Full

Our learn to swim lane on a Wednesday night is now completely full and is unlikely to have any more spaces before Alnwick Sprint Tri. We will advertise again if places become available before the Triathlon. Usually after Alnwick Tri, the need for a beginners lane dies off so we would be able to take people after that.

If you are a prospective member of the club, the minimum standard to join our swimming sessions during this time will be an ability to swim for an hour as 100m repeats on 2min 30 sec (including the rest).

If you are a current member of the club already coming to sessions, then this does not effect you but please do not encourage anyone else to come along if they do not meet the minimum standards as we do not have anywhere to put them that will not spoil the swim for everyone else.

All other lanes do have space but this is expected to get busier towards the race.

Happy swimming.

Coach T

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