GoTri Summer Fun 2019 Results

What a fantastic night at Druridge Bay Country Park. 23 athletes ranging from first timers to experienced Age Group Athletes, from 15 years old to 73 years old but all of them having great fun.

When we set out the course, the convenient swim distance was 240m, the transition area was a lovely soggy expanse of grass, on which the bikes were laid wherever the athletes wanted, the bike was a surprisigly tough, hilly and technical 4 miles, and the run was a touch over a kilometer, net uphill. The water was a bit choppy due to the wind which made it hard going for those who are not so strong in open water. So overall not an easy night of racing but amazing team spirit with everyone staying at the finish line until the last competitor had finished and every person over the line getting a big cheer.Well done everyone

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