Alnwick Tri Lost Property

Due to the wind on the day of Alnwick Tri, I have a huge box of lost property.
I will be at QE lake on Thursday. See me before you get in the water as I’ll be too cold after. If you don’t know me, look for the green mini.
Other than that you can catch me most days at Willowburn at or around the Alnwick Tri club sessions.
If you are in desperate need of your lost property I can post it out but I’ll only be able to get to a post office on Saturday 26th May.

List of items below


Yellow Ron Hill – large
Black Gore – EU 40
Black MiFit – 10

Blue and green hand
purple hand
grey hand
white hand
white fitness
white bath
navy hand
pink and white tea


Black speedo
Grey Nike

Swim hats

Just about every hat


Blue Hellvellyn 2008
Blue and white lgfgfitness


Various gloves, socks and water bottles

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3 Responses to Alnwick Tri Lost Property

  1. Stu Bruce says:

    You will get cold if you’re only wearing a green mini !! 🙂

  2. Jason says:

    The white and blue lgfgfitness top belongs to me. Left it at transition. Would it be possible to pass it to Neil Bowers at the qe2 he takes the introduction to triathlon swim training. That would be great if possible

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