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A warm welcome to the homepage of Alnwick Tri Juniors. We started our Junior Section in May 2013 with just two members and have since grown into a thriving, dedicated and friendly group of athletes and parents.

Joining us:

You can join us if:

  • you are in School Year 7 or above (‘Tristar 2 & 3 and Youth’ categories)
  • you have existing skills in each of the triathlon disciplines – we’re not here to teach you to swim, bike or run, but coaching you to improve your existing swimming, cycling and running techniques and putting them all together to make you a triathlete
  • YOU want to train hard, listen to and learn from your coaches, persevere and achieve.

We generally have a new squad intake in January, for the beginning of every racing season, when new members get to Try a Tri and see if they like it. However, please do contact us if you are wishing to join mid-season.

Membership of Alnwick Tri Juniors is £10 per year payable online with an additional £1 per coached session (£2 for spin biking during the Winter) which is usually paid quarterly or yearly in advance, but there are no refunds if you don’t attend a session! Please visit the membership page for categories and how to join.

You don’t have to become a member of the British Triathlon Federation but if you do, you’ll receive reduced race entry fees and other benefits.

Please contact the Junior Co-ordinator, Sally Carrigan on juniors [at] alnwicktriathlon [dot] co [dot] uk for more information.

What we do:

  • have fun
  • learn
  • achieve

We do it through:

  • improving fitness, endurance and co-ordination
  • building confidence
  • motivating athletes individually and as a team
  • encouraging self-belief, determination and dedication
  • friendship and teamwork.

Keeping you safe

Our Juniors are coached on closed roads for cycling and running– a safe, secure environment. Cycling on open roads is not allowed in Junior Triathlons. Swim coaching is at the local pool with coaches and full lifeguard cover. Almost all Junior Triathlons are pool-based. Any open water races have full safety cover.

We show you how to look after your equipment – a pedal falling off can be dangerous (and very ineffective), slipping gears – whilst getting you a cheer for actually getting round the course – won’t win you the race, handlebars that swivel all the way around are a most dangerous attribute to a new bike and a newly-purchased- just-out-of-the-packet-never-been-worn- tri-belt-on-race-day can be the difference between running like a triathlete or waddling like a penguin with it around your ankles!

Our coaches are highly trained and qualified; in addition the Club has a Welfare Officer and is, of course, affiliated to the British Triathlon Association.

All races we enter are run under the rules of the British Triathlon Federation.


We make no bones about it… triathlon at a competitive level isn’t cheap. However, at beginner level, the essential equipment for giving triathlon a go comprises simply:

  • Swim – swim kit and goggles
  • Bike – roadworthy bike and cycle helmet
  • Run – trainers and suitable clothing

A mountain bike is fine (though swapping the knobbly tyres for smooth ones is a cheap and simple upgrade that will make a huge difference).  Though many of our Juniors have now moved onto road bikes most started on mountain bikes – some of which started their triathlon life with dubious roadworthiness! Please make sure your bike is in a roadworthy condition with handlebars, brakes, pedals, chain and wheels and all the other bits working perfectly – and of course, a helmet.

Juniors are taught and carry out the ‘M’ check method on their bikes before every training session. Any Junior with a bike not in roadworthy condition will not be allowed to participate.

In time for your first race, you may wish to invest in a number belt, lock laces and a trisuit – these will all help you go faster! An Alnwick Tri Hoody looks nice too.


The Juniors are encouraged to follow a schedule of training covering up to six sessions each week. Coached sessions are Bike/Run during the Summer on Wednesdays 7pm-7.45pm and lake swimming Thursday 7-8pm, during the Winter Spin Biking on Thursday from 7-8:15pm and an all-year-round Swim session on Saturday 7pm-8pm, Tuesday 8-9pm and Wednesday 6-7pm. There are also weekend run and closed road cycle sessions when weather permits.

We teach good swimming, cycling and running techniques and focus on the unique skills required in Transition (the changeover from swim to bike and bike to run). We work on fundamentals such as balance, agility, core stability, speed of movement, flexibility and strength.

We focus on bike handling, cornering, cycling in groups and cycling endurance. We practice ‘Brick’ sessions – the change in muscle usage from bike to run – a tricky moment for even the Brownlee Brothers!


The racing season is typically May through to September. You will be encouraged to compete in local races where possible. Races which Alnwick Tri Juniors competed in during 2013 were:

  • Darlington Junior Tri
  • Hexham Junior Tri
  • Castles Challenge at Bamburgh (Open Water)
  • Darlington Junior Tri

If you’re on holiday and want to enter an event outwith the North East, you can! Simply enter the race and put your club as “Alnwick Tri Club”. The Junior Co-ordinator will keep everyone up to date with local forthcoming races.



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