GoTri by Alnwick Tri Club

Alnwick Tri Club encourages people to try triathlon and other multi-sports through a series of GoTri events throughout the year.

GoTri is a low cost, friendly way to get in to triathlon backed by Triathlon England. For more information about GoTri visit the GoTri website

In January Alnwick Tri hosts a Ladies Only GoTri. A Gym based mini tri held at Willowburn in Alnwick especially for female beginners.

In March or April we have a GoTri Duathlon (Run, bike, run) at Druridge Bay. An ideal way to try multi-sport without having the scary swim to deal with. The run is a 2.6km lap of the lake on the same route as Druridge bay park run, the bike is 6 miles and goes out the country park to the widdrington roundabout and back. The final run is exactly the same as the first run.

The date for this year is Sunday 24th April and will cost an amazing £5. For more information or to enter click the link below.

At the same time there is a mini triathlon at Amble in the 20m pool which is shallow enough to touch the bottom (just) even at the deep end. The bike is a 3 mile out and back route along the flat links road. The run is 1km as 2 x 500m laps of the grass opposite the pool. This year this event will be on Sunday 22nd April 2018

Later in the summer, once the water at Druridge Bay has warmed up, there are a number of open water events held on a Thursday evening to link in when the club trains at the lake. Usually an Aquathlon (Swim, run) and a Triathlon for novice open water triathletes. These events sometimes attract experienced triathletes wanting a mid week hard training session but they have to put up with a rough and ready race as it is designed for beginners. There are no dates for these events in 2016 yet.

GoTri Northumberland Sunday 22nd April 2018

There is a childrens event for 9-13 yr olds and an adult race for those 14+ (all ages are at 31st Dec 2018)

Race Info 2017

Go Tri NorthumberlandCompetitor Information 2017


Adult GoTri

200m pool swim, 3 mile bike on the links road, 1km run on grass

Children’s GoTri

80m pool swim, 1km bike on grass, 500m run on grass



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