Club Info

Aims of the Club
Alnwick Tri is for beginners, single-sport athletes looking to move into multi-sports and seasoned triathletes.
We aim to improve your fitness and multi-sport skills in a social, supportive environment.

Club History
Alnwick Tri was formed in November 2004, following the success of the North of Tyne Triathlon which took place at Willowburn Leisure Centre the same year. An initial open meeting advertised in the local paper and has grown to over 100 members. It is the only club in the country where membership is equally divided between males and females and where coaches also reflect this ratio.

The Junior section was started in 2012 with just 7 juniors but now has 28 members and has a strong presence at all the local junior races. There is also an amazing club spirit within the junior section with no better bunch of kids.

Alnwick Tri achieved STAR accreditation in December 2006 & CLUB Mark Accreditation in November 2015 after the start up of the junior section.

Alnwick Tri Club also became Triathlon England North East Club of the year 2016 for the fantastic work we do for members, the community, events and encouraging new members and participants to the sport.

Notable achievements of members

National representation / world champs


Mike Drinnan – GB ITU Duathlon World Champs, Australia


Paul Jones – GB – ITU Standard Distance Triathlon World Champs, Lausanne


Hazel Eccleston, Caroline Findlay, Tracey Sample, Ian Simon, Audrey Stewart – GB – ITU Sprint Triathlon World Champs, Hamburg


Hazel Eccleston, Tracey Sample, Ian Simon – GB – ITU Sprint Triathlon World Champs, Vancouver


Tony Prince, Standard Distance World Champs, Australia.

Ian Simon – Ironman 70.3 World Champs, Clearwater Florida


Emma Pearson – ITU European Champion – Sprint Distance, Athlone

Emma Pearson – World Silver Medallist – Sprint Distance, Budapest

Ian Simon, Tony Lummis, David Lauckner – GB – ITU Standard Distance World Champs, Budapest

Tracey Sample, Jock Bolam – GB – ITU Sprint Distance World Champs, Budapest

Ian Simon – GB – ITU World Aquathlon Champs, Budapest


Ian Simon – GB – ITU Long Distance Champs, Nevada


Giles Sharp – GB – Sprint Distance World Champs, Auckland


Richard Agan – GB – World Bronze Medallist, ITU Sprint Distance Duathlon, Ottawa

Jock Bolam & Tracey Sample – GB – ITU Sprint Distance World Champs Duathlon, Ottawa

Jo Gascoigne-Owens – GB – World Gold Medallist ITU Aquathlon World Champs, London. (Plus overall fastest female Age Grouper, and would have been 5th in the elite race)

Tracey Sample – GB – ITU Sprint Distance Triathlon World Champs, London


James Bolam, Sue Bolam, Denise Drummond, Tracey Sample & Lisa Williams – GB – European Sprint Distance Champs, Kitzbuhle, Austria.


Lisa Williams & Denise Drummond – GB – European Sprint Distance Champs, Geneva, Switzerland.

Jo Gascoigne-Owens – GB – European Aquathlon Champs, Cologne, Germany – European Gold Medalist 35-39 AG and fastest Age Grouper overall

Denise Drummond, Tracey Sample, Ian Simon & Lisa Williams – GB – World Aquathlon Championships, Chicago, USA

Denise Drummond, Amy Thorne, Tracey Sample, Ian Simon & Lisa Williams – GB – World Aquathlon Championships, Chicago, USA

Jo Gascoigne-Ownes – GB – Elite World Aquathlon Championships, Chicago, USA


Carole Page (Gold Medal in 55-59), Steve Patterson – GB – European Duathlon Sprint Championships, Kalkar, Germany

Carl Avery – GB – Elite European Duathlon Championships, Kalkar, Germany

Steve Carragher, Victoria curry, Kim Redpath, Tracey Sample – GB – European Sprint Distance Triathlon Championships, Lisbon, Portugal

Lisa Williams – GB – European Standard Distance Triathlon Championships, Lisbon, Portugal

Steve Patterson – GB – World Sprint Distance Duathlon Championships, Aviles, Spain

Carl Avery – GB – Elite World Distance Duathlon Championships, Aviles, Spain

Carl Avery – GB – Silver Medal Elite World Distance Duathlon Mixed Relay, Aviles, Spain

Ironman finishers

Phil Gray, Barry Eastham, Stu Blagborough, Michelle Davison, Gillian Millar, Verity Currie, Tony Lummis, Steve Fenwick, Helen Jones, Ian Simon, Neill Jobling, Hesus Kidd, Stu Bruce, Rich Agan, John Horsley, Alex Boe, Chris Logan, Steve Thorne.

Regional Titles

Caroline Findlay – Regional Sprint Champion 2006

Angharad Porteous – Regional Grand Prix Junior winner 2007

Emma Pearson – NE Region Sprint Champion 2010

Ian Simon – NE Region Middle-Distance Champion 2010

Steve Carriger – NE Regional Grand Prix Vet winner 2013

Tracey Sample – NE Regional GP 3rd female overall & 2nd Vet 40 2014

Marie Drodzowicz – NE Regional GP 1st Vet 50 2014

Amy Thorne – NE Regional GP 1st under 20 2014

Kate Lawson – NE Regional GP 2nd under 20 2014

James Bolam – NE Regional GP 3rd under 20 2014

Ian Atherton – NE Regional GP 1st Vet 60 2015

Tracey Sample – NE Regional Duathlon GP 2nd Overall & 1st Vet 40 2015

Lynne Bannister – NE Regional GP 1st Vet 60 2016

Ian Atherton – NE Regional GP 2nd Vet 60 2016

Lisa Williams – NE Regional GP 2nd Vet 40 2016

Denise Drummond – NE Regional GP 2nd Vet 50 2016


Tracey Sample – NE Region Volunteer of the Year 2006

Caitlin Simon – NE Region Young Volunteer of the Year 2006, 2007, 2009

Caitlin Simon – British Triathlon Young Volunteer of the Year 2009 (National title)

Tracey Sample – NE Participation Coach of the Year 2013

Tracey Sample – NE Children’s Coach of the Year 2015

Stu Bruce – NE Technical Official of the Year 2016

Richard Agan – NE Volunteer of the Year 2016

Alnwick District Sports Council Awards

Frances Anderson – Achievement of the Year 2008 (Channel swim)

Michelle Davidson – Achievement of the Year 2009 (Ironman Austria)

Ian Simon – Male Athlete of the Year 2009 (Ironman 70.3 World Champs)

Caitlin Simon – Volunteer of the Year 2009

Ian Simon – Male Athlete of the Year 2010, 2011

Jo Gascoigne-Owens – Senior Achievement of the year and Sports Personality of the year 2014

Denise Drummond – Most improved athlete 2014

Tracey Sample – Coach of the year 2015


Chair – Steve Carragher

Vice-chair –

Secretary – Stu Bruce

Treasurer – Terry Fountain

Membership – Victoria Curry

Welfare – Gil Owens

Head Coach – Tracey Sample

Committee – Mike Telfer, Frances Anderson, Andy Sargent, Adam Spillar, Victoria Curry, Chris Hall, Jocelyn Bolam, Richard Agan, Sally Carrigan

Level 3 Tracey Sample, Ian Simon
Level 2 Jock Bolam, Denise Drummond, Lisa Williams, Su Fletcher, Tony Jackson, Simon Brown, (Gareth Breese & Robert Badderly Level 2 in training)
Level 1, Andy Sargent, Rachel McCoy, Claire Stewart, Jo Lonsdale, Joanne Robertson.